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Island Woman - June 2019

Medical issues can become a large portion of one’s life, including the time spent waiting to see a specialist. Many insurance companies now offer a second medical opinion as part of a critical illness or personal health insurance policy.

Typically, this is offered at no cost to the insureds, the second opinion service is offered for most medical conditions and not just the illnesses covered by the policy. The second medical opinion helps the insured to understand a medical condition, confirm the diagnosis is correct, ensure they are aware of the best treatment options, help to navigate the Canadian healthcare system, find a specialist within their provided parameters and get an expert second opinion.

The insured will have a personal health advocate who will ensure their medical records are collected free of charge, send the records to an expert physician for review and ensure they have the information and support needed to make more informed medical decision.

Many of us have had the same family doctor for years, it is important not to worry that you will offend your own doctor. More importantly, they will probably welcome a confirmation of their diagnosis and treatment method. Unfortunately, some illnesses are not diagnosed quickly or correctly. This delay in getting the correct treatment can jeopardize your health.

If you are covered under a group health plan at work, you, and all employees may be covered for a second medical opinion. Not every ailment or condition will require a second opinion, but any life changing diagnosis that may require some risk in treatment is worth a second look. These may include, but not limited to: deafness, emphysema, hip/knee replacement, kidney failure, severe burns, MS, stoke, paralysis, major organ transplant, rheumatoid arthritis.

Your health is critical for a long, thriving and dynamic lifestyle. Use all resources available.

Contact Carol for more information on insurance which includes a medical second opinion service, or a subject you would like covered in future.

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