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New Year, New Resolution?

How successful was the last New Year's resolution that you made? Unfortunately, many times it seems that these resolutions are not followed for longer than one or two months. The start of a New Year brings a clean slate and good intentions. One way of helping you keep a resolution to improve your finances could be to set up an automatic contribution to an investment plan. This would take place at regular intervals for amounts you set up. These deposits are typically set for monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payments but quarterly or semi-annual payments can also be set up on 'auto-pilot'. The funds will be withdrawn from your bank account with no further action on your part and invested in a mutual fund or investment of your choice into your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or non-registered account. These will continue until you cancel but frequency, amount and investment choice can be changed anytime. Another way to assist you in your finances is to set up regular contact points with your advisor. Your doctor and dentist's offices often contact you to remind you it is time for an appointment, your advisor's office can do the same thing. It is easy to procrastinate; having implemented a contact plan will help these meetings to take place.

Setting reasonable goals that are within reach will also help in your success. Don't set a goal of saving an amount of money monthly or annually that you have no chance of succeeding. Discuss your budget with your advisor and implement with resolve. It is never too late to plan for your future. If you are already retired or close to retirement, income planning for the year and following years can be charted to give you peace of mind that your money will not run out. Your advisor can help you with your financial resolutions and security, contact one today.

Contact Carol for more information on portfolio risk or a subject you would like covered in future.

Carol Plaisier, CFP®, Investment Advisor with HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc., and Insurance Advisor with Hollis Insurance Agency, can be reached at the HollisWealth office at 166 E. Island Hwy Parksville or by phone at 250-586-1332, by email at, or online at

This information has been prepared by Carol Plaisier who is an Investment Advisor for HollisWealth®

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the Investment Advisor only and do not necessarily reflect those of HollisWealth. HollisWealth® is a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc., a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. Insurance products provided through Hollis Insurance Agency.

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